old friends grown together

Our Mission

At Venice Mansions, we love the city where we grew up.

We proudly breathe our history as we stare at the Venetian Lagoon, the Grand Canal or the Rialto Bridge and feel great contentment while we look at San Mark’s Cathedral or the Campanile watching us
from above like a father.

We believe that Venice is the most beautiful city in the world and for sure we are in good company.

So, our mission is simple: to share all this love with the world.
You know, things are much better when shared.

Who We Are

We are old friends born and raised in Venice who decided to join forces and spread the magic of our city by offering some of the most beautiful accommodations to guests from all over the world.
Together with our staff, we are committed to delivering the best experience for you coming to visit Venice with your dear ones.

We were born in 2016, so we’re a very young company with ambitious goals.
Our portfolio of apartments is rapidly increasing while we aim at becoming a bright example of Venetian refined hospitality.

You, as a guest, can expect high-end accommodations at the best value for money as well as the utmost attention at all times during your stay.

We are young and know there are lots of things to learn.
So please help us improve and accomplish our mission by sending us your comments and advice.
We will be pleased to get better following our guests’ feedback.

That’s all for now, keep an eye on our website as more exciting news and new apartments are coming on Venice Mansions!

Enjoy the magic and share it with your dear ones.
Venice is a gift to the world.

The Venice Mansions Team


director of operations

Superhost on Airbnb, he perfectly knows the history of Venice and all its secret spots! Ask him for advice!


brand & digital strategy

Technology and aviation enthusiast who loves travelling the world in search of a good Spritz out of Venice (not found yet).


Business Development

Don’t be surprised if you see him around Venice greeting everyone. Looking for a romantic place for dinner? He’s the one!

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